12 - 14 Sep 2019

Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Exhibition Venue

After years ofvigorous planning and meticulous implementation of innovative ideas, the CairoInternational Convention & Exhibition centre (CICC) was established inCairo as an international multipurpose exhibition venue. It chooses to be theonly complete event center in Egypt, spread lavishly over 30 hectares andoffering a exhibition space of 58,000 sq.m. It is every bit a globalstate-of-the-art exhibition forum, equipped with the latest technological andconference facilities and is also located at a strategic point from theairport, the neighboring hotels & recreation centers. It avails a parkingfacility for around 1,200 vehicles, five exhibition halls, fully furnishedkitchen cafeterias, safety & security facilities, 3 large boardrooms andmobile interpretation units for the exhibitors and visitors.

Exhibition Center Information:

Location: Cairo International Conference Centre (CICC) iseasily accessible from all parts of the city. The centre is merely a 10 minutedrive from the Cairo international airport. The city's major hotels are withinreach of the CICC.Number of Halls: 4.Coverage Area: 3229170


The Cairo International Convention & Exhibitioncentre (CICC) is truly a world class event venue. For exhibitions, the venueoffers different type of areas which can be used to host exhibitions of variedsizes. The exhibition complex and the main building are connected through abridge. The centre has a car park that can accommodate around 1000 cars. Apartfrom this there is a Banquet hall which can accommodate around 2500 guests. Thehall also has facilities like kitchen and orchestra balcony. The centre alsohas three auditoriums and a press centre.

Nearby Tourist Attraction:

Cairo is a historic city with rich heritage and culture.This is visible in the city's architecture and buildings. Tourists from allover the world travel to the city to witness its marvelous attractions. Themost prominent and famous attraction of the city are the Pyramids of Giza. Theother major site of tourist attraction is the Egyptian Museum of Antiquitie.This grand museum has around 107 halls and a collection of over 120,000artifacts.The museum also houses a statue of Khafre (Chephren) and the solidgold death mask.