12 - 14 Sep 2019

Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Centre













China Trade Week (CTW) series was inspired by the Belt and Road initiative and has so far been a huge success. It had its first event in the United Arab Emirates which had an overwhelming result, it was then followed by its first African event in Kenya which had an even bigger response. After the amazing feedback from the African Union CTW was encouraged to expand its scope, as a result, CTW is now hosted in Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa and Morocco and will be introduced in Egypt for the first time in 2019.

The event will feature high quality Chinese manufacturers including Electrical & Electronics, Clothing & Textiles, Chemicals, Home Appliance, Construction Materials & Machinery, Power & Energy, Lighting and Auto Accessories.

CTW will offer a perfect platform for the local community to meet Chinese manufacturers and take advantage of the event's high quality, competitively priced products. It will also bring the local business people face-to-face with Chinese companies, creating a unique opportunity to meet, talk and develop the foundations of trading and business relationships.

You may pre-register today or download our CTW App on your apple/android phones for free. You can also chat online with our exhibitors, set up a meeting with them on-site and get the latest updates before, during and after the event. The app will provide full information about the products, conference schedules and speakers.

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